Who am I?

Hi, my nickname is Pixie and I pretty much use that exclusively
for everything except legal stuff.
I was an accountant for 30 years and now am the head lunch lady for an elementary school.
It is like being grandma to 400 extra kids! All the hugs!!!

I just did not want to push pencils for others anymore.
I love to scrapbook, read, paint, do computer art, photography, sew, and cook.
As a hobby, I had been doing ad design for about 10 years, for a company that placed advertising in the movie theaters.
When many of the theaters went to in-house advertising design, that went by the wayside.

I have the "need" to create! Creating digital art has been a great outlet and pastime for me
to relax and immerse myself into my own creative being.

I joined a pogo league and am now a tournament director and graphics admin. for our league
at www.myleague.com/dracoslair.
I decided that I wanted to make my own tourney pages so I sought information on learning html.
I found "DesignbyBrenda" and have been learning html since. Brenda is a wonderful instructor
and if you are interested in learning html check her out!
You can click on DesignbyBrenda under my sister sites and you will find her information.

Please enjoy your visit to my site!

I will be adding more tourney pages as I create them and of course other things too.

Chat with me!

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